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Any way to revert fixed-wing throttle back to pre-Jets 'cruise control' system?

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Wondering if there's any way at all that I can use the old 'cruise control' like system that was in place before the jets update. I'm having a hard time maintaining speed with the new analog throttle system implemented with the update. For example I'll be flying straight and level and then when I go and do a tight turn or sharp maneuver I end up stalling because the throttle doesn't automatically adjust for drag and pitch anymore.


The analog throttle makes sense on a joystick or yoke, but flying by keyboard needs as much assistance as possible in my opinion.


So is there any way to switch back, or am I screwed unless BI add an option to switch in the future?

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If you do some searches through the forums, I think you will find several discussions about this. Here is one:

I know that there was another one that went several pages.


So, yes, I believe there are quute a few people that have issues with this, but I've never read anything from BI that sounds like it will be changed. I don't know of anyway to switch it back.


Double check to see what engages your speed brake also. There was a time when my throttle would engage my speed brake, and made flying nearly impossible.



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If I had a nickel for every time I've made a duplicate post even after searching...


Thanks for linking me. If anyone else knows where the multiple page thread is I'd appreciate it. Thanks again.


Nevermind, found a couple of them after sifting through a more general search.


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