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Supporters Pack gives disadvantage to player

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Hello everyone!


FIrst of all I want make sure that I appreciate the balance between supporter and regular players. The game not would be pay-to-win game and its a very important thing nowdays. As a supporter, I dont want to avail any unfaird advantage against the others ( I mean different weapons, extra granade, etc.). So its okay that we can use only more suits and caps, thats great.


BUT: from the other hand, I dont want to be disadvantaged, especially not because I support the game. I noticed several times that the supporters player it's more easier to notice because of the huge black backpack. I know its only optional (you not wear it if you not want to) but its a content what makes unfair disadvantage instead of give you something unique (and a lot of player dont know about it) thats doesnt make any sense. With backpack players easier to notice :

  • at grass when they proning
  • at the edges of objects, several times I could see their backpack when they try to hide.
  • backpacks diagonal on the wall when someone stay with back to it
  • easier to notice in windows, opened doors, destroyed walls, etc.
  • SOMETIMES I can shot enemy down with shooting their backpack.


If they has this disadvantage, as a supporter I know that I have it too.


So my suggestion is a simple revision in case of the Supporter Pack backpack content. You can add a smaller packpacks, or a colored smokre granade, or a lot of cool stuff what looks like cool.

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Hi @Spyle,
There is no disadvantages at all for supporters.
There is just a big lack of informations... even more for people that aren't good observers or not enough curious ;)
So, about the backpack... YOU CAN UNEQUIP THEM, as you can with any weapons or apparels.

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