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UnitCapture problem

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So I did a helicopter insertion with UnitCapture and everything works until the moment when my group(me and my AI soldiers) need to disembark. Helicopter for some reason doesn`t put the gears down and because of that AI group when the helicopter lands still think they are in the air and they just doesn`t want to disembark. I found the solution for this, if you order your AI squad to disembark, the helicopter WILL put the landing gear down and your squad will disembark. But what if player who is playing the mission doesn`t know this and will not use the disembark command until the helicopter landed. That`s why I tried to use trigger(activated by blufor present) and I added Groupname leavevehicle vehiclename to the init of trigger, but it doesn`t work, nothing happens. I assume this only works if squad leader is AI.


Any solutions? How could I solve this?

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Hi there, mate 

There's a workaround here for this, I think. :sol: 

To get the squad to leave the helicopter (you may also want to animate the vehicle doors, for cinematic finesse!):

	_x action ["eject", _helicopter];
	unassignVehicle _x
} forEach units _group;

_group allowFleeing 0;
_group leaveVehicle _helicopter;

Now, to lower the landing gear, while a vehicle is executing captured data, you could try using the unitPlay function on a Game Logic - and attaching the helicopter to that Game Logic. You should then be able to use this:

_helicopter action ["LandGear", _helicopter]; 

Using this command with the onEachFrame eventHandler might also be a viable approach, in case the AI is overriding the action somehow.

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