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I am trying to make a viper suit that will have scuba fins when swimming, just like the survival suit. I have looked through the data and I think it can be done using only a config, but I am unsure how to set this up. I've done a lot of research before posting this but I am stumped on how to continue.


The main issue is how do I structure a config file for clothing without replacing vanilla assets? This is harder to find out than I would have thought.


If anyone has suggestions to make this easier I would appreciate it. This mod doesn't seem overly complicated by the lack of information makes continuing difficult

I am also planning an accompanying upgrade for the Type 115 rifle to enable it to fire underwater and maybe up the range on the .50 cal. I also want to reskin the viper suit to the same color as the black Type 115 but the main priority is the flippers.

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