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A to Z tutorial new model to game .cfg include?

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Hi my name  is Juan, i search for  a A to Z  tutorial  about , having  a new model (iknow  model and  texture ) how to put in game, how put special points, how setting animations (not makin i know animation for game),  a config  file, how test in game,

Is any  complete  tutorial, or only piece  by piece  all over  de forum?


here my  portfolio 3d  https://www.artstation.com/jcaratino

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Welcome to the forums.


Until someone else replies, maybe I'll get the ball rolling. You're obviously off to a good start if your portfolio is anything to go by. So you shouldn't have too many issues with generating assets. 


I don't think there's any comprehensive tutorials covering character creation. Which seems to be your interest. Have you tried the wiki? It's probably not much to go on. But it's as good a starting place as any I think. :smile_o:

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