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1RRF | The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Arma 3 Milsim Group)

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The 1RRF are looking for mature individuals who are interested in joining a community based around teamwork, communication and real-world tactics. We run 3 hour operations every Sunday from 7 pm to 10 pm UK time.

1RRF is an arma 3 milsim unit based on the First Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, an Armoured Infantry battalion in the British Army. Opened first in 2016 and now reopened in 2020, we strive to attain a level of Realism unlike any other.

Our organisation, equipment and tactics are based as accurate as possible on the British Armed Forces and the Fusiliers. Renowned for our accuracy and delivering our members a true authentic in the field experience.


At 1RRF maturity and discipline is at the heart of our focus. When recruits conduct their formal interview with a member of RRO one of the things they are tasked with is to define and describe an understanding of discipline and chain of command. Without this knowledge and understanding they are unable to continue.

Discipline continues through into our procedures as well. A primary example would be use of radio. Generally, recruits and fusiliers are asked to keep comms clear. Instead we rely on an echoing system by which orders or remarks are passed up and down the line. While this frees up radios for IC’s and 2IC’s to deliver snap orders it also gets the lads into a habit of communicating well with one another and improves drills.

The unit is rigorous in its approach to recruitment as we seek to cultivate the right group of people in order to get the most out of the game we play and achieve the unit’s goals of innate realism and full authenticity. Specifically, we seek to recruit those with a natural interest in the modern British Army, and who are thus looking for the closest experience possible. There are no Hollywood firefights in 1RRF, only realistic engagements and authentic operations.

Recruits can expect to be trained fully by proper ITC staff through Phase 1 training, then after some experience in a rifle company they may branch out to a variety of supporting roles; everything from Warrior drivers and gunners to mortar operators and section commanders. There is something for everyone in 1RRF, or at least something for someone willing to put in the legwork to get where they need to be.


Contact us on [discord]

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We are currently working hard on our new base, ready in time for our next phase of the Combat Infantrymans Course. This facility is being painstakingly hand made in the Eden editor and will serve as our primary training camp for all operations. 




This area houses the classrooms for the 1RRF unit - fusiliers & recruits will attend cadres to learn various skills pertaining to the 1RRF's operations - Signals, Medical, Skill-at-Arms, Navigation, and many more.


This area features plenty of space for the Warriors to maneuvre and perform various maintenance tasks, with multiple large gate entries and smaller pedestrian ones. The foundation features more slope and less straight elevations to facilitate vehicle movement.


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