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  1. We are now ready to accept leadership and management roles. If you think you have the qualities to step up, please talk to us about it and we'll let you know what your options are. Leadership roles in our rifle company include: Platoon commander Platoon Sergeant Section commanders 2IC's Each successful candidate will be given acting rank until proven or completed course for chosen role.
  2. Did this ever get finnished? or even ported to arma 3? good work
  3. Veteran found, veteran operated. The Fusiliers is looking for mature individuals who are interested in joining a community based around teamwork, communication and real-world tactics. We run 3 hour operations every Sunday from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm UK time. About 1RRF (1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers) is an ARMA 3 military simulation unit, founded in 2016. We use the British Army's FV510 WARRIOR tracked vehicle, specialising in delivering direct action through fire and manoeuvre. The unit is rigorous in its approach to recruitment as we seek to cultivate the right group of people in order to get the most out of the game we play and achieve the unit’s goals of innate realism and full authenticity. Specifically, we seek to recruit those with a natural interest in the modern British Army, and who are thus looking for the closest experience possible. We take an immense amount of pride in disregarding numbers; only retaining those group members with the right attitude to cultivate the best possible atmosphere for enjoyable, immersive military simulation. Operations When the Fusiliers deploy on operations everyone has a part to play in achieving the mission objective. The wide variety of roles available in the infantry and across our supporting arms offer something for everyone. In every case we try to base our tactics, skills and procedures on real-life British Army practice. You will join as a rifleman, but with the right training you can quickly move into a more specialised role: - Armoured Infantry - Joint Helicopter Command - Fire Support ( FSG, Recce, Mortar, Snipers ) - Medical - Signals Armoured Infantry The Fusiliers are currently looking for INFANTRY. We are looking to bolster our infantry sections with dedicated members who are interested in being the tip of the sword for the battalion, digging in on the front lines, kicking in doors and getting in the enemy's face. You'll receive extensive training as an infantryman, and will get the chance to specialise within your assigned section, taking on roles including pointman, light machine gunner, AT rifleman, combat team medic or sharpshooter. There are also spaces available in our supporting elements. If you do have a special interest, please talk to us about it and we'll let you know what your options are. Contact Discord Server Testimonials "Honestly this is a great unit. Once you’re in, you’re family. Myself, Nicholls , & Collister are former military so you can count on a legit military experience, from proper tactics to the fun of being part of a military family". Reynolds "1RRF is part of this dying breed of serious and immersive milsim units. I wouldn't say it's for everyone but it's a trip, and if you're on the same wave, you're going to love it, it's that simple". Iceberg
  4. Did anyone find a solution?
  5. Amzing stuff, if it actutally works.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Squad Name: FIRST FUSILIERS Timezone/Location: GMT/UK/EU Gamemode Preference: OPERATIONS Teamspeak: ts3.1rrf.net Website: http://www.1rrf.net Short description: Whether its Conventional Warfare, COIN or perhaps strike operations, our objectives are custom built from the ground up, creating realistic and immersive scenarios the acting First Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers may find themselves in past, present and future. Language: English