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  1. Did this ever get finnished? or even ported to arma 3? good work
  2. Open to mature individuals who are interested in rebuilding a community based around teamwork, communication, immersion and real-world tactics. About 1RRF 1 FUSILIERS (1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers) is an ARMA 3 military simulation unit founded in 2016 by former Fusilier who served in the British Army. We use the British Army's FV510 WARRIOR tracked vehicle, specialising in delivering direct action through fire and manoeuvre. We want to bring together individuals who are looking for a more realistic, teamwork driven and team focused approach to online gaming in first person shooter (FPS) scenarios. Aiming to provide a good compromise between completely real tactics and tactics that work in game to maintain its core values of teamwork, friendship, realism and the drive to succeed. We take an immense amount of pride in disregarding numbers; only retaining those group members with the right attitude to cultivate the best possible atmosphere for enjoyable, immersive military simulation. FAQ Diverse Roles We offer a diverse selection of roles ranging from Armoured Infantry (FV510 WARRIOR), Aviation and Support Roles. Gameplay We are focused on first person gaming with limited aid to give our members a more realistic approach. The Fusiliers prides itself on its accurate and realistic training methods employed in conjunction with a well disciplined and professional atmosphere that is observed at all times during operations. As a Community, we will work together to ensure that our gaming experience is as close as we can get to the real thing, by: adhering to strict communications procedures; utilising a fully realised Ranking System, based on the British Army; providing detailed and well thought out campaigns and missions, built in-house; employing higher command to oversee section movement and taskings and methodically plan and execute operation orders. Sunday Night Ops We conduct operations every Sunday at 7:30pm London time. Our missions are created in-house and put an emphasis on realism, action and narrative. We will hold mid-week trainings or mini Operations as well as a bigger Operation every Sunday - both of which are primarily focused on Co-Op gameplay. Modifications We have our own in-house developed Add-Ons and we support and use modifications such as Advanced Combat Environment (ACE3), Community Upgrade Project (CUP), Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE2). In order to attain the levels of realism that we require we utilise a number of mods for Arma 3, these are split into a core set that will rarely change and mission or campaign specific mods. Joining 1RRF Due to our standards we do have some requirements. You must be 17 years old or older, have a working microphone and be able to regularly attend operations on Sundays. Additionally, we do not allow our members to be in any other milsim communities, this is because we expect a high level of commitment from all our members. However, you can be in as many non-milsim and non-Arma communities as you like, so long as they don't interfere with your commitment to The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers[1RRF.net]. If you are in doubt about any of our rules, please feel free to ask a question to myself or another member of our team. Contact details bellow. If you feel you’d be a good fit for the The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers[1RRF.net], you can join by heading over to our website and filling in an application form. Your application will then be read by a member of our team and you will be invited to a short interview within 24 hours. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, and make sure the The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers[1RRF.net] is a good fit for you, and you a good fit for it. Once accepted you are considered a full member of the community, entering as a recruit until passing our phase one training. During this time, you will attend operations under the supervision of a senior Fusilier. Joining the Fusiliers involves making a commitment. It does take time and patience to get used to life in this unit, but we will welcome you, train you and develop you. If realism is what you are looking for then the Fusiliers is the unit for you. We are looking for people with the right attitude. From the moment you apply with us, that attitude is what we will be assessing. Do you have the right attitude? Do you have initiative? Do you want to learn? And... Are you committed? If you feel you're answering yes to those questions above and are ready to continue becoming a member of the Fusiliers, feel free to ENLIST on our forums; Join 1RRF Contact 1RRF Please do contact us if you have any questions about joining or being a member of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers[1RRF.net]. You can message me on steam, leave a question bellow, or post a question on our Discord Official Website
  3. Did anyone find a solution?
  4. Amzing stuff, if it actutally works.
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  6. Squad Name: FIRST FUSILIERS Timezone/Location: GMT/UK/EU Gamemode Preference: OPERATIONS Teamspeak: ts3.1rrf.net Website: http://www.1rrf.net Short description: Whether its Conventional Warfare, COIN or perhaps strike operations, our objectives are custom built from the ground up, creating realistic and immersive scenarios the acting First Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers may find themselves in past, present and future. Language: English