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  1. We are currently working hard on our new base, ready in time for our next phase of the Combat Infantrymans Course. This facility is being painstakingly hand made in the Eden editor and will serve as our primary training camp for all operations. Main Entrance to camp LUCIA The Training wing Garages/REME housing the FV510 WARRIOR and other vehicles that we use in the regiment. Vehicle staging area Fueling points Stores and more..
  2. Did this ever get finnished? or even ported to arma 3? good work
  3. The 1RRF are looking for mature individuals who are interested in joining a community based around teamwork, communication and real-world tactics. We run 3 hour operations every Sunday from 7 pm to 10 pm UK time. About 1RRF 1RRF is an arma 3 milsim unit based on the First Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, an Armoured Infantry battalion in the British Army. Opened first in 2016 and now reopened in 2020, we strive to attain a level of Realism unlike any other. As an Armoured Infantry unit we aim to provide the backbone for peace support operations or operate in high intensity warfare, equipped with the WARRIOR IFV which enables us to move and fight. Our organisation, equipment and tactics are based as accurate as possible on the British Armed Forces and the Fusiliers. Renowned for our accuracy and delivering our members a true authentic soldier experience. Composition and roles within 1st Bn Royal Reg of Fusiliers - Main body The Queen's Royal Hussars - Challenger 2 The unit offers a multitude of roles for all interests, including but not limited to: Dismounted Infantryman Warrior Fighting Vehicle Crewman Challenger 2 Vehicle Crewman Combat Signaller Support Weapon Mortarman Anti-Tank Specialist Elite Sniper Combat Logistics Mods We support the usage of Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3), Community Upgrade Project (CUP) and Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE2); each will act to enhance the realism of our operations. Contact 1RRF Post a question on our [discord]
  4. Did anyone find a solution?
  5. Amzing stuff, if it actutally works.
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  7. Squad Name: FIRST FUSILIERS Timezone/Location: GMT/UK/EU Gamemode Preference: OPERATIONS Teamspeak: ts3.1rrf.net Website: http://www.1rrf.net Short description: Whether its Conventional Warfare, COIN or perhaps strike operations, our objectives are custom built from the ground up, creating realistic and immersive scenarios the acting First Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers may find themselves in past, present and future. Language: English