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[EU/ENG] - Bad Frag - Casual Milsim Community - [ACE/RHS]

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:: Introduction ::


Bad Frag is a Casual Milsim Community created back during 2014 all the way back in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, back then we were called 'Hyperion - Private Military Company' since then we have been going strong and we opted for a name change due to the original name not really suiting the way that we play. First and foremost we are a casual milsim community and that is that. To get it out the way the quickly and easily, we require nobody to always attend our sessions and we require nobody to attend training sessions or by any means flaunt a rank or anything like that. Our community maintains itself by an Administration which ensures that everything goes smoothly. However, we do have a ranking structure which is always rewarded and structured on people who have more knowledge of the game itself and the amount of over-all participation in events and general community based events we running. But of course, this doesn't mean they're better than anybody, everyone is on the same footing.

Of course, if anybody joining the community is rather new to the game we are always willing to help teach the basics and the standards of Milsim. As a community we are always willing to help each other and get everything figured out. Nobody here is just another number or just another body, we appreciate everyone who shows that they'd like to be here. Of course, I'd like to say that the community isn't overly serious we like to laugh and joke around during the missions we do and outside of our missions. However, we always expect people to behave and not break the general rules of the community during said missions and respect professionalism.



:: Events / Event Times ::


Here are our event times that we play. As a quick note we do not expect everyone to attend every session during the week. Attend what you want to attend, just be sure to let us know if you can / cannot attend a mission as it helps gives us information for the eventual turn-out.


                - Cooperative [PVE] - [Large Scale]

  • - Friday - Pre-Operation | 18:00 [GMT+0]
  • - Friday - Mission Start | 18:30 [GMT+0]

            - Cooperative [PVE] - [Large Scale]
  • - Saturday - Pre-Operation | 18:00 [GMT+0]
  • - Saturday - Mission Start | 18:30 [GMT+0]

       - Skirmish [PVP] - [Biweekly] - Cooperative [PVE] - [Small Scale]
       - Event type changes weekly.
  • - Sunday - Pre-Operation | 17:00 [GMT+0]
  • - Sunday - Mission Start | 17:30 [GMT+0]


:: Community Prerequisites ::


  • - You must of the age of 16 or above, no exceptions will be made.
  • - You must be willing to follow the rules of the community.
  • - You must have Teamspeak 3 installed, or willing to install it.
  • - You must have a microphone.
  • - You must be able to understand and speak English.
  • - You must active and / or willing to join our sessions.


Also, to clear up a potential misconception about the group I would like to say that you are NOT required to own any of the official DLCs or the Creator DLCs for ArmA 3. If this content is being used it will be mentioned in the the sign-up posts we create. Whilst you do not require it I would suggest getting them if you can afford it so you don't have to miss out on roles or missions.


:: How do I join? ::


It's quite easy! All you must do really is simply contact one of us through Discord, Steam or even our own Teamspeak. You can contact a senior member in the community or a moderator which you can find which are easily recognizable. Of course, depending on the time it might be a few minutes before somebody responds but somebody will get to you in the end. Once that happens they'll happily give you the extra details and point you to the resources you need to join in on our sessions.


Of course you can find our Teamspeak, Steam and Discord through these links. -


Teamspeak -
Our Discord
Our Steam Group


If you have anything to ask me specifically you are completely free to add me [Archer] through Steam and I will give you any information you need or point you in the right direction. I hope that this post has given everyone enough information about community and I'm looking forward to seeing new faces, thank you.


- Archer / Bad Frag Administration.

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As of late 'Hyperion - Private Military Company' or now known as Bad Frag has had a lot of changes ever since I last posted here. I also forgotten the password to my "Archer337" account and couldn't recover it for a while until I got a hold of my old email address again. Of course, we're still recruiting and always actively looking for new blood to bring into the community, if this is something that you're interested in feel free to contact me and follow the main post. I will try to keep this page updated this time and keeping everybody up to date to what we have been doing, for now we're doing a facelift in order to improve the community over-all.


Thank you.

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