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New mission maker, waypoint & trigger issues

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I apologize if is this is painfully obvious. I have been crawling the internet for answers, and I've run out of luck.

I'm attempting to create a mission where players control Inf Squad. Squad has to drop off a civilian in town before continuing to other objectives. I just want the civ to get out at the designated point, move to a waypoint behind a building then disappear.

 I initially had the civilian join the Squads group then use a trigger to have the civ get out, then move to a waypoint and use the dismiss waypoint which failed, the CIV did not do anything.

I then attempted to just put the civ in the vehicle and get out by trigger and follow its next set of waypoints. The Ai got out then followed the vehicle and got back in the vehicle. (used moveOut command). I also used Trigger with Radio Alpha, but it still did not work.

I'll take any help I can get (especially explain like I'm five type) Thanks!

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This should help with the civilian jumping back in the vehicle.

Name the civilian, example: civ1

In civilians init:

civGrp = group this; 

When players pick up the civilian make him join the players group.


In trigger: 

//On activation
[civ1] joinSilent civGrp;
unassignVehicle civ1;
moveOut civ1;

//Do your move stuff here.


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Thanks for your help, worked great!

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