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151'st Fighting Irish - Now Recruiting ( Active )

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The Post Made on 7/27/2016



1. Must be 18 Years of age

2. Must have Discord, and a working Microphone

3. Must be mature and not easily offended

4. Able to fallow Directions

5. Be willing to download Mods

6. Have Arma 3 and APEX


The 151'st Fighting Irish is a U.S. ARMY styled Mil-sim unit that is grounded in structure. However it also functions as a family. The members here strive to create a fun dynamic environment with which to play Arma, and other games, but while also being a community of friends. To put that in layman's term we joke around a lot, poke fun, harass, and generally have a good time with one another, but when it's op time, you buckle down, do your job, and have a blast! We strive to be relaxed, but still get things done! 


If your looking for a professional yet casual experience in ARMA look no farther than the 151'st.


Discord: https://discord.gg/B7N2CFM

( Warning: Strong language within. )


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