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Arma 3 created Missions in Argo?

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I know that Argo will support a lightweight Eden Editor, but does it also support scripts (.sqf etc.) like A3? I would like to host a self made CoOp mission for Argo (which I host for A3 too).

I tried it ofc already, but the mission didn't load (which I expected).

Would be nice if we get more information on that!

Thanks! :)


PS: If there is a thread already about that - then sorry for my eyes for not seeing it. Please share the link then! :)

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We are still looking into this and trying to tweak and balance it properly. So players can create and share as much as possible on one side, but also cheating and breaking of the game is as hard as possible on the other hand. But yes, scripts should be supported in final version of the game. As was mentioned in the dev blog (https://www.projectargo.net/blog/dev-blogs/impact-imminent), we want players to create own versions of Argo game modes or even completely new modes and this would not be possible without scripting. There will be little difference in scripting commands between Arma 3 and Argo (=not all the commands available in Arma will be available in Argo and vice versa, but it should be only a few specific commands), but other than that it is basicaly the same system.

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