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crater spam on server

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can anyone help to understand what is going on here?




I arrived on our server after what looked like a busy night to discover an absolute stack of crater spam.

It is created when a heli or plane crashes

however it has spawned multiple times and in a long looping maze of craters that goes around and around the hill i'm standing on


this is 32 bit 2.68 windows server running unsung delta only




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class CfgVehicles
    class Plane; // extern
    class Plane_Base_F : Plane
        class AnimationSources;
    class uns_Plane : Plane_Base_F
        class Turrets {};
        class eventhandlers;
    class uns_A1J: uns_Plane //csar version in place of CAP
        simulation = "airplaneX";

that's our typical inheritance

we don't adjust killed EHs on jets at all


this has been happening since the 1.68 update on 64 and 32 bit server

causes 10 second game freezes every so often, and potentially the server crashes with out of memory error





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well i think it started when the 1.68 was released

it is caused on a busy server (lots of clients) when someone crashes a jet into forest terrain

it happens on khe sanh and da krong maps for sure

our jets use normal killed EH's they inherit from class plane.

now when we switched to 64 bit i can't say i saw the issue until yesterday when we switched back to 32 bit due to persistent crashes due to out of memory error that we have been suffering for 4 weeks straight (since going to new 64 bit server exe)

so my feeling is that it is an issue in 32 bit server.


i am wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour in other mods or vanilla game?

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