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AI throwing grenades too often

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So the vanilla version of ArmA has persuaded units to throw grenades.  However it seems like this is the preferred method of attack and their ability to use it is instantaneous.


I am inside a building and I peek through a door to see an AI approaching me.  He instantly snaps from holding a gun to throwing a grenade.


If AI are to use grenades they need to be more realistic.  If an AI wants to approach a player and snap off a grenade then he should look like he is holding a grenade.  If he has a gun in his hand he should have to at least take time to get the grenade out and then throw it.  Giving me an opportunity to shoot him.


Is there any way of reducing the AIs'  willingness to use grenades.  Does anyone have experience with bCombat or ASR AI 3 in this respect?


Thanks in advance.  S


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