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We are currently accepting all members. If you would like to apply visit


If you would simply like to know more about our group, please visit the base site


Wolf Heart Industries

Wolf heart industries is a tactical PMC realism group


Our mission features more than 30,000 lines of code including a full monetary system. It is set within Eastern Ukraine in winter conditions against Pro Russian separatists. Following the successful completion of operations against ISIS in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan, Wolf Heart Industries now operates within Ukraine and receives contracts from Ukranian government.


Mission Features: Each player is paid based on their rank within Wolf Heart Industries and offered a bonus dependent on their performance, or heroic actions within the mission. Each contractor is responsible for his/her own kit and will pay that out of pocket with the money they earn per mission, as well as their contracted salary rate for showing up to events. Each successful mission awards WHI with a large sum of money which can be used to purchase vehicles throughout the mult-session operations. We use a combination of procedurally generated missions which are randomized around the map, as well as ALiVE to keep game play fresh and constant. Even a simple patrol can turn into the most exciting moment you've ever experienced in Arma.


We have an active group, and offer training for all individuals who wish to join. As we are a tactical mil-sim group, our emphasis is on treating every life seriously and punishing those who die often (by having their gear stripped upon death), this is done to increase realism and emphasize use of hard cover, and receiving medical attention.  We are a heavily modded community and require at least 20 GB of space for our modpack, the modpack includes various immersion builders such as Task Force Radio, Ace Medical, EODS Suite (IEDs), Turning off Binocular Eyes, a Food and Drink system and much more. Installation is simple and can be accessed via our website.


We are currently accepting all members.


If you would like to apply visit



Mission Features

Ambient Civilian Occupation / Engagement


Ambient Enemy Occupation / Maneuvering


VBIED / Suicide Bomber Threat / EOD Suit


ACE Advanced Medical System


Eating / Drinking Mechanic


Sling Loading / Rappelling from Rooftops / Rappelling from Helicopters


HUMINT displays Active Randomized Enemy Base Locations


Custom Randomized Missions Spawned on Command


ALIVE Compatibility / Saving


Currency System for Purchasing Equipment / Guns / Vehicles


Allotted Salary for Contractors to Purchase Equipment


200+ Weapons Supported


Loss of Equipment on Death (Reason for the Salary)


Vehicle Checkpoints


Highly Intelligent Insurgent Presence


Headless Client Supported


Over 30,000 Lines of Code!


Server Specs:

Dedicated Machine - i7 7600K 4.6 GHz / 16 GB Ram / 10 Gigabyte Connection / 2x 250 GB/s SSD

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