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Mine Clearing DetCord

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Mine Clearing DetCord


Video Is abit Old now but its more or less the same but actions are different.
Installation into Mission:

execVM "detcord.sqf";

detcord.sqf Remove and replace with your own setup.

//For test Mission Remove
[car,2,80] spawn detInit;
[tank,6,120] spawn detInit;
//Format [vehicle, ammo,length] spawn detInit;

Configure Vehicles you need:

  ["LSV_01_base_F",[0,-1.7,-1],[0,-1.7,0], [[0,-0.5,-0.5],[0,0.5,-0.5]]],

In Game usage:

  1. Line up your vehicle 20m short target area (there is 20m of saftyline that does not explode)
  2. Launch Rocket
  3. Check rope has been pulled out fully (too short and it will kill you).
  4. Take Cover and Detonate. 



-Inital Release


Download V1.0

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19 hours ago, jone_kone said:

but could this be modified somehow to use a backpack and a smaller rocket somehow

Its a mission script, so no.

There is another APOBS mod being worked on, with models. By Gruppe Adler I think.

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