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Mission Brainstorm / Need Help

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Hello all, 


I am posting here for some brainstorming ideas as well as get user feedback on how others think i should proceed.


I am wanting to create a mission that is basically a global sandbox. I have used liberation as a base before and it works well and I like the concept. However I like the random and dynamicness of ALiVE feeling more like a large scale operation. My problem that I am running into is I am not sure if there is a way to combine liberation and ALiVE together. Here is what exactly I am looking to do.



I would like to create a mission that is playable on 2 or possibly 3 sides.

I want to include unit spawning and FOBs like liberation.

I like the dynamic AI of ALiVE and the ALiVE profiler.

I like the battle tracking of ALiVE.

I would like to create a system (similar to high command) that would let me spawn AI units to my squad, take them to where I need them and fortify them, leave the squad and allow ALiVE to take them over and profile them. 


My overall goal is to create a mission that you basically start with bare minimum resources with bare minimum control of the map, the player then must build up their defenses and fortifications utilizing player spawn FOBs, vehicles, and AI, the ALiVE (or similar) profiler would defend and reinforce units but not attack objectives. I like the idea of having to capture objectives for more resources to spawn units however it is not essential to me as one player would be limited to a 9 - 12 man squad thus they would not be over powered anyway. I am not sure the best way to achieve this so if anyone has any recommendations I would be greatful. Thank you!

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