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Tunnel Of Broken Society (Metro/Stalker Showcase)

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 Hey guys, today I want to show you our work on the Tunnel of Broken Society, its a Metro / Stalker theme map made with the Virtual Reality.

Its a showcase showing the work made by BRATE. He putted in countless hours into the map and we are very happy to be able to share it with you all.


Currently there are quite a lot of things in it already such as


- Highway-Tunnels
- Subway-Tunnels + a Train-Station 
- Sewer Ducts 
- Air Shafts
- Maintenance Rooms
- Office Rooms
- Shelters
- Rescue-Tunnels
- Ambulance Rooms
- Secret Hiding Spots (Small Caves)
- Survivor Campsites
- Rescue Checkpoints
- Secret WeaponDeliverie Trucks
- Watchtowers (Built of Scrap)
- Big Train-Sidings
- Secret Spots
- Some Easter Eggs

--- Recently added areas ---
*Added new Easter Egg
*Added new Light System
*Added new Subway Areas
*Added new Subway-Area

*Added Canal-Connection
*Highway-Tunnel-Compartment added
*Added new Campsites
*Added new Watchtowers




We have more informations and will update frequently there on the steam workshop and the download is there as well.




STEAM DOWNLOAD:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839265989


We hope you like it. Enjoy the map.







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