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Textures Not Showing in Game (JPG)

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I'm having trouble getting my .JPG images to show on my model in game. (OFP GOTY) I made this Model in 3DS MAX 2010. Its a 3 level Complex. Some of these Textures Ive used in this model are textures ive used to retexture walls on other models. They work fine on other models. So I cant imagine it would be a problem with the pictures themselves. However they do not show up. In Oxygen (Objektiv2Light) I went to Faces/ Face Properties & i checked the Texture extensions. they all say JPG... I create the P3D & check it with Hex editor & they all say .JPG... still wont show up ingame.

I even created a folder within the PBO called Data & i put copies of the .JPG's in there as well. I also converted them to all formats TGA Paa Pac just incase the engine will default to one of these. (Novalogic Engines do that with DDS & TGA so i figured id try it here) However no luck. I assume I must be doing something wrong in Oxygen (Objektiv2Light)...


Any Ideas anyone?

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The problem you have here is that you are a Crazy Noob. The Game Engine does not know where the image file is located. You incorrectly assumed that %P3D Root% was an implied Filepath. It is not. When looking in face properties in O2 it is not enough just to have the Image name. You also need to tell it what PBO file its located in and what folder, if any, it is stored in within said PBO (I incorrectly assumed this was just important for Bulldozer to show texture) So basically it should Say 


"PBO_File_name\Imagename.extension"     or      "PBO_File_name\name of folder image file is in within PBO\Imagename.extension"



***Side note***


I think it works without an implied filepath because they wanted it to be possible to call up a texture located in a different PBO file.

Uncertain about this theory but it seems logical to me.







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