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Zeus Units Visibile (But Also Not Visible)

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I've been out of the game a about a year and a half and am trying to update my units to the Eden editor standard.


So my problem here is that, in the Zeus spawn menu, if I do not have any units already spawned (with the editor) then nothing from my faction appears in the Zeus spawn menu. If I spawn an infantryman in the editor and try to use Zeus, then all the infantry are available to spawn (everything defined in that PBO), but none of the vehicles. If I spawn a vehicle, then everything is available in Zeus with no problems.


I have the units defined in my CfgPatches and have them set to CuratorScope = 2 in the config, so I can't for the life of me figure out what's been going on. I've been looking for the issue for a few days with no progress. I can post some of my configs if you want, but I don't seem to be doing anything differently from what I used to do around mid 2015 to get these to work.

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Could have steam messaged me brah.



You need to make a new SubCategory or use a premade. I recommend making one of your own for ease of seperation.

You make it like a CfgVehicleClass.


class CfgEditorSubcategories {
    class TEC_W/e {
        displayname = "YourName";


Then you add this to a unit, and it will show up in Eden.


With the Zeus thing, make sure you have it set to access All addons, not just the ones in current scenario in the module settings.

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