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Please fix your team killer system once and for all!

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This issue requires it's own topic due to how rampant team killing now is on the Public servers.


[The vote kick function] is not working when the whole team vote kicks a player, you also can spam the button and it repeats the text chat "Name would like to kick User" which seems stupid to have this msg repeat itself more than once in the chat log.


[Report player function] Ok, I will admit i'm new here and can't see where I would report a player ingame when they are either cheating by spawning multiple tanks and transports let alone for someone who is racking up 50+ team kills in a effort to ruin everyones fun. Make one visable either on the menu or map.








By doing nothing you are supporting this style of trolling on your servers which is not a great way to lure or keep people from playing your game.

Your Anti cheat system clearly needs up dating aswell as i've been in several games today where we had people spawning 100+ Zamak transports trying to throttle peoples systems.

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