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Helicopter Pilots Needed in the Air Combat Command

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The Air Combat Command and 7th Special Forces Group are looking for mature helicopter pilots for co-op action. Focus will be on transport & logistic type missions and CSAR in the event of downed aircraft. CAS missions in attack helicopters may come further down the road provided we have the pilots to support missions of that nature, but for now strictly T&L / CSAR.


Requirements as follows:


- Legal copy of Arma 3

- TS3 with working mic set up for "push to talk"

- Must not be afraid of mods - we host our own repository on Arma3Synch with around 30G worth of mods. 

- Skilled or trainable

- Mature......I cannot stress this enough. There will be no no one under 18 accepted for flying, and there is absolutely a maturity limit. 


Training for pilots:


- BCT, which is really a formal way of saying "we want to make sure you can survive on the ground, use ACE advanced medical, and won't frag anyone".

- Basic flight TRA designed to see how you do, then tailor it to areas you need help in the most. 


Members have two weeks to complete both parts of Basic or will be dropped from our roster. Additionally, once basic flight has been wrapped up you will be working closely with me on more advanced type stuff in transports. There will be some copilot time, and once trained up we will be switching duties on and off, PAC (pilot at controls) one mission, PIC (Pilot In Command) the next. Come to comms and ask for Aaron, Blur, Spencer, or Gunfighter. Lastly, this is not a recruiting pitch for the 7th, however, the below TS addy will get you to them!!


TS3: ts.7thsfg.us


ACC Website: http://aircombatcommand.us/


I can also be reached here via PM and on steam: 


[ACC] Gunfighter - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198217536800/


Looking forward to hearing from you!!








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