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Hi all,

sorry if this has already been posted but I was unable to find a specific topic. I am trying to separate out different xml nodes into external documents to make maintaining them a bit easier. However, I have hit a bit of a bump in that xml does not benefit from pre-processor commands such as the '#include' command. I have looked into externally parsing entities but was unsure if the engine would limit the use of this. This solution would be perfect for what I am attempting to do but as far as I can tell this is not working.

Seeing as I don't think this will work, does anyone know of some good programs that would be able to merge selected xml files into one file? My folder setup is as follows:

| Mission Root
|_ stringtable.xml
|_ stringtables

Ideally what is needed is something to take all the xml files in this folder and merge them into the stringtable.xml file. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has been able to use a method to efficiently merge xml files, would you be kind enough to share it to the rest of the community?

Kind regards,


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On 12/12/2016 at 11:31 PM, killzone_kid said:

Arma's XML parser is probably quite primitive, doubt it supports all the advanced stuff


From what I have tried, the entity parsing did not work :( I think its time to find a program that can do this for me

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