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"Shady activity. Something secretive and no good. 
Anything from spreading gossip to dealing drugs. 
Nothing good will come of it." 



In this game there are 3 sides: 
-BluFor Special Forces 
They are tasked by saving the pilots tha the Rebels Hold. 
-Opfor Russian Army 
They are tasked with exchanging the ammo truck with the pilots. But they also want to keep their truck. 
They are tasked with exchanging the Pilot Hostages 
for the Truck that Opfor hold. But they also want to keep the hostages. 
The pilots, they are US Army Pilots . They need to be rescued by Blufor. 
How you will complete your objectives and how you are going to negotiate it's up to you! 
-The ideal number of palyers are as many as you can. Blufor needs to be 1 for every 9 players the other sides have. 
-You can apply your own house rules, (our community for example does not allow for other sides to enter their delivery areas).

-RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation 
-RHS: United States Armed Forces 
These mods here are in workshop too 
-Spyer Addons 
-Task Force Radio 
Saberbit - for help with some scripts 
ShackTack Community for the conept 
If anyone wants to help, I am open to suggestions, cooperation and new ideas.

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Is it ready for SP gaming?

I am sorry mate. I wish I could. This won't come in SP version... You need actual people to negotiate and role-play

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