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dr death jm

looking to add count ammo to my script, need help

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I'm making a new script/server side addon for suicide, as it is , it works awesome

but I need a way to count ammo so when player is at 0 ammo he can get the suicide

action, as it is now it can be done at any time and as fun as it is , players will tend to use the action menu instead of playing mission. :rolleyes:   

lightning_Install = {

  if(!isNil "lightning_INIT") exitWith {};
  lightning_INIT = true;
lightning_suicide = {
if (!alive player) exitWith {};

params ["_target","_turntable","_logic"];

_turntable = createVehicle ["Land_PenBlack_F",_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"];
_turntable hideObjectGlobal true;
_center = createCenter sideLogic;
_group = createGroup _center;
_logic = _group createUnit ["LOGIC",[0,0,0], [], 0, ""];
_logic attachTo [_turntable, [0,0,0.5]];
_logic setPos (getPos _target);
[_logic, nil, true] call BIS_fnc_moduleLightning;

lightning_Add_Player_Actions = {

    params ["_player"];

	_player addAction ["<img size='3' color='#33339b' shadow='1' image='\A3\ui_f\data\map\respawn\icon_dead_ca' /><t size='1' shadow='1' color=""#f72032"">" + ("Electrifying Death") + "</t><img size='3' color='#33339b' shadow='1' image='\A3\ui_f\data\map\respawn\icon_dead_ca.paa'/>", {_this spawn lightning_suicide}, [], -9, false, true, "", "(vehicle player) isKindOf 'man'"];

    _player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {
      player setVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",false];
  if(!isDedicated) then {
    [] spawn {
      while {true} do {
          if(!isNull player && isPlayer player) then {
		    if !(player getVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",false]) then {
		     [player] call lightning_Add_Player_Actions;
               player setVariable ["lightning_Actions_Loaded",true];
	        sleep 5; 
  if(isServer) then {
    publicVariable "lightning_Install";
    remoteExecCall ["lightning_Install", -2,true];


if(isServer) then {
	[] call lightning_Install;


credits to duda for showing me all the how to

and giving me time.

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fixed added 


 if !(someAmmo player)


credit to ZoneKiller (ZK) for pointing me 

to the right place.

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