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[TFA] Takistan Insurgency (ALiVE)

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This mission is not another run and gun insurgency. You will have to work to find the enemy, either by talking to the civilian population or stumbling upon them yourselves with recon tactics.

There are no magical markers on the map to show you enemy locations.
Civilians that are favorable toward your side will mark your map (If asked nicely) with any locations that they are aware of.
All this is now done through ACE interaction.

- 18 Man Co-Op + 2x Headless Clients
- Low Opfor count at start
- ALiVE War Room ready.
- VCOM AI Script
- Loadout Transfer Script
- Zeus enabled for admin
- ACE modules for Basic medical
- ACE Repair and Medical facilities
- Designated Engineer and Medic classes
- Custom HQ for controlling ALiVE features
- Custom civilian interaction script integrated into ACE. < Its awesome!
- Custom version of Coala OS (TFA OS) integrated into ACE > Requires wearing the BLACK TFAR backpack.
- No vehicle respawn. Be careful with your vehicles!
- ACE Rallypoint enabled with JIP compatability

- Civilian interaction is now done through the ACE menus.
- There are no markers to show enemy locations, however talking to civilians will reveal everything they know about in a 2KM diameter. If they like you.
- You must arrest a civilian to search him.
- Try promising the Town Elder that you will help him and his people. It may help swing favor your way.

- There are friendly AI south of grid line 03. This simulates having an actual foothold in the territory.

- Bug reports should be posted at https://gitlab.com/Blunts/TFA_Takistan_Insurgency/issues
- The source files to the mission are also on GitLab. Feel free to edit the mission to your needs as long as you comply with the text found in the README.txt
- The VCOM AI script included in the mission may conflict with other AI mods such as ASR_AI etc. It is not recommended to use any other AI controlling mod with this mission.


Version 1.0.2 Steam Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756539921


Big thanks to all you modders and scripters out there that make life easy on a mission maker. Special thanks to S.Crowe for all the custom coding and the TFA players for testing.


You can find us on Twitter @ThatsWhyWeGame and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TaskForceArma/




1.0.1 ACS locality issue fixed and Creation Factory added to newly placed HEMTT

1.0.2 Refreshed all the ACE3 modules to ensure compatability with the new version.

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