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HQ6 thoughts on balance

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First of all I would like to say that I genuinely enjoy the game and I wish there were more active people on the forum.


Being HQ6 and having almost 200 attacks won I can't help but notice that the ground army at HQ6 is extremely weak in comparison to Helicopter Drones. It looks like there are many options but none of them as half as good.


With a ground army:

  1. One star victory is possible if there are enough buildings outside of walls.
  2. Two stars are very hard and only possible if an enemy's base is badly designed.


  1. Pillboxes, if behind walls and with a Force Recon, kill everything before you can get to them. You can have two of them what essentially gives a 360 degrees coverage. Why Force Recon have such a huge range when in a pillbox?
  2. Sometimes people leave pillboxes empty but even than it's not easy. 1) Engineer team blows up walls. 2) Units go through a relative small opening while being bombarded by mortars and shot by other defenses. 3) The infantry dies very fast 4) wheeled UGVs have no enough fire power, and Light UGVs are very low on health. 4) My best tactic is to send few Recon units to grab some resources.

Helicopter Drones:

  1. Just make as much as you can, e.g., 6-7 is enough to destroy any HQ6 base. If AA tower isn't in the center 3-4 is enough most of time. No need for planning, just make sure to kill AA first. Higher HQs can still be successfully raided with 1-2 stars and a lot of resources.

There is one things which makes Helicopter Drones a bit frustrating though. The targeting algorithm isn't very clear to me. What is expected: 1) Chose a target; 2) Turn towards it, fly, and attack. What often happens: 1) Chose a target; 2) Turn but not directly to it, fly, when close enough start turning towards the target, turn too far, turn back a little, attack. It all takes extra time which is often makes a difference.

All Helicopter Drones attacks (5-7) completely destroy my base while ground armies can't to get to 50%.

P.S. I have a feeling that Tracked UGVs can be good but then it will be either mass Helicopter Drones or mass Tracked UGV.

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