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  1. It would be nice to have some of the following features implemented in the game: While in chat, tapping on a name should open similar (same) menu as in the members list window, i.e., promote, remove, profile, visit, training battle. When visiting let us see the levels of buildings as well as ranges of the defense building. It would be also nice to be able to see what units are in the pillboxes. When visiting add a button for training battle, so there is no need to: 1. return; 2. open chat window; 3. find the player; 4. select training battle. When in the barrack menu add a button to switch to the office menu. When in the office menu add a button to switch to the barrack menu.
  2. Oliv

    Bug list

    A short list of bugs found in the game: Enemy resource buildings graphics is not always reflect the amount of resources stored in them. Achievement "Prepared" seems to be impossible to complete. Achievement "Unite We Stand" is completed but the progress bar shows 1,200/8,000 If rank is equal or higher than 8 it will be shown as 8 after a victory. In barracks ranks are shown correctly from 8 to 15.
  3. Donated operations can't be used in battles. These operations are stored in the Alliance Center and used automatically against enemy troops when your based is attacked. Think about them as randomly placed mines. Personally, I find them not very useful as they work only against ground armies which are not a serious danger starting with HQ5-6.
  4. You can request operations from the Operation Planning building. If you are interested in a specific operation, e.g. artillery support, you can write it in the text field. These operations are then stored in the Alliance Center and used automatically against enemy troops when your based is attacked.
  5. Oliv

    Couple of problems.

    Here are my two five cents. Some of the points were already mentioned but they still strongly affect the gameplay. 1. Under an active protection, there is a notification that it will be lost if you attack someone. The notification isn't shown for revenge and the protection is lost even if you decide not to attack. 2. Why upgrade gains, e.g. for plants, are so uneven? The progression of +600, +200, +600, +1100 feels to be very strange. It seems that it also happens with some units but I didn't get to that point yet. The sequence of +200, +600, +800, ... is more logical. 3. Even after the recent buff the ground army is extremely weak. Some kind of a medic squad could help. The helicopter drones are the only way to take over a strong base. 1.40: I just saw what the latest update did. It seems that the rocket team is much stronger now against helicopters if set in a pillbox. Hard to say how it will work out. 4. Single pillbox with a recon squad behind a wall destroys virtually any number of infantry squads. 1.40: it seems that the rocket team will also be op now. Will test how it works. 5. The experience system is a nice touch but taken points 4 and 5 makes it unusable. I have maxed few recon squads for pillboxes at that it. Also, it would make sense to let UGV's get experience as well. The AI should be able to learn from the battle to battle. Machine learning is widely used now. P.S. some points may be obsolete after the latest update. As not all the changes are officially announced more time is needed to evaluate all the changes.
  6. Yep, it's again me. I have noticed that the attack range of enemies defenses sometimes significantly larger than that of mine. As an example I've attached few figures with pillboxes and autocannons. This is an enemy pillbox. Thanks to the new base editor I could easily recreate the base. No words needed, one can see that my pillbox have a much smaller range. I tried all type of units but I can't get the same result. Same base, now we look at the autocannon. The enemy autocannon reach the second pillbox on the top of the picture. My autocannon can only reach the first pillbox. Is it a graphical bug or my defenses really shot not as far as others?
  7. Usually I don't watch replays but when I saw that my base was completely destroyed by 15 fire teams I went to watch the work of a genius. To my surprise I only saw 15 immortal (almost) fire teams. My defense, with an exception of mines, dealt absolutely no damage. How one should report such things? Ingame support or something else? UPDATE: replay is recorded and can be shared if necessary.
  8. First of all I would like to say that I genuinely enjoy the game and I wish there were more active people on the forum. Being HQ6 and having almost 200 attacks won I can't help but notice that the ground army at HQ6 is extremely weak in comparison to Helicopter Drones. It looks like there are many options but none of them as half as good. With a ground army: One star victory is possible if there are enough buildings outside of walls. Two stars are very hard and only possible if an enemy's base is badly designed. Reasons: Pillboxes, if behind walls and with a Force Recon, kill everything before you can get to them. You can have two of them what essentially gives a 360 degrees coverage. Why Force Recon have such a huge range when in a pillbox? Sometimes people leave pillboxes empty but even than it's not easy. 1) Engineer team blows up walls. 2) Units go through a relative small opening while being bombarded by mortars and shot by other defenses. 3) The infantry dies very fast 4) wheeled UGVs have no enough fire power, and Light UGVs are very low on health. 4) My best tactic is to send few Recon units to grab some resources. Helicopter Drones: Just make as much as you can, e.g., 6-7 is enough to destroy any HQ6 base. If AA tower isn't in the center 3-4 is enough most of time. No need for planning, just make sure to kill AA first. Higher HQs can still be successfully raided with 1-2 stars and a lot of resources.There is one things which makes Helicopter Drones a bit frustrating though. The targeting algorithm isn't very clear to me. What is expected: 1) Chose a target; 2) Turn towards it, fly, and attack. What often happens: 1) Chose a target; 2) Turn but not directly to it, fly, when close enough start turning towards the target, turn too far, turn back a little, attack. It all takes extra time which is often makes a difference. All Helicopter Drones attacks (5-7) completely destroy my base while ground armies can't to get to 50%. P.S. I have a feeling that Tracked UGVs can be good but then it will be either mass Helicopter Drones or mass Tracked UGV.
  9. Oliv

    Victory points...

    I see a big problem with this system right now. If you look at the top players/alliances you will see that the best ones are the one man alliances. Even more, the TOP1 alliance consists of one player only. This player, at the same time, is a TOP1 in the players tournament. There is no point for him to take anyone into the alliance as it will lower his alliance score. If you just sum all members VP, you would motivate people to make bigger alliances. Another example: 3rd best alliance has 3 players, if the strongest one kicks out others, the alliance will become the 2nd best. Similar situation with some other alliances in the top 10, leave only one person and the alliance's VP will go higher.
  10. From time to time I get enemy bases with pillboxes having range more then autocannons. What kind of units should be placed inside to get this range? None of the infantry seems to shoot so far. These pillboxes definitely do not have heavies (who have the longest range) as they don't shoot rockets. Can it be a fire team with a highest rank? 10? On the side note: these pillboxes fire long before my army gets to them and usually it's a no go for me. Two of them in a back-to-back position is impossible to destroy with HQ5 units.
  11. Oliv

    Attack priority

    Thanks Thales, with some experience I can predict how my units will behave and I always have an engineer unit. Still, the distance my army is willing to go under the enemy fire just to destroy a plant or an office sometimes seems to be too long. :) Below is an example of my HQ5 base. I lost only 3 out of 10 last defenses. The three loses were to players who are at least 1 HQ level above me. Enemy units often try to get through the southern/northern corridor but they never get through them.
  12. After playing for some days and reaching HQ 5 I have got quite frustrated with how units set their attack priority. It seems to me that they (for example fire team) will only attack walls if it's the only way. Or the buildings which are not protected by walls should very far away. For example, I encountered a base which had fuel/supply deposits behind the walls in opposite corners protected by few turrets and the rest of the base in the middle. I though I could easily get deposits by eliminating the turrets around them. I was very surprised when, after destroying the turrets, my solders went to the center. They were far away from other buildings and out of reach of defence! :huh: It seems to me it is quite easy to arrange a base in a way to make soldiers walk around the base, while being killed by defences. I know we have engineers who should take care of walls but what happened in the event described above was completely unexpected. EDIT: below is a good example, the army will attack anything but the resource building. Recon team will also to go the center before trying to destroy the walls. Sorry for the bad "screen shot" :)