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Adjusting Helicopter Flight Model (Not AFM Rotorlib)

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I can find all sorts of references to modifying the advanced flight model, but not the standard flight model.


Can anyone direct me to which strings are used in controlling the flight model of the helicopter in standard mode? I'm trying to adjust things like how maneuverable it is, how fast it can slow down, drifting while hovering, etc.


Thank you.

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hey Airwolf were you ever able to find how to do this ? I trying to augment Tail Rotor stress also in standard FM, was curious if changing the xml in the afm augments the standard flight model also or only if AFM is turned on




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from the Test_Heli_01 sample model in the BIS tools


altFullForce = 4000;	/// in what height do the engines still have full thrust
altNoForce = 6000;		/// thrust of the engines interpolates to zero between altFullForce and altNoForce
maxSpeed = 300;			/// what is the maximum speed of the vehicle
maxFordingDepth = 0.55;	/// how deep could the vehicle be in water without getting some damage
mainBladeRadius = 7.0;	/// describes the radius of main rotor - used for collision detection
//multiplier of lift force
liftForceCoef = 1.1;	
//multiplier of body friction
bodyFrictionCoef = 0.7;	
//multiplier of bank force
cyclicAsideForceCoef = 1.0;
//multiplier of dive force
cyclicForwardForceCoef = 1.0;
//multiplier of back rotor force
backRotorForceCoef = 1.0;



this will do some of the simulation work for you, however, a good portion of the handling of any vehicle is also done through the weight distribution in the geometry of the model itself.

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