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[Code Snippet] Hostage Rescue Script

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This is just a simple hostage rescue script that I wrote today while playing around with the new BIS subtitle and holdAction functions; it spawns a hostage, with animations, and creates a task which will complete if the hostage is freed, or fail if the hostage dies.

You have to be within 5 meters of the hostage to untie them. The hostage will automatically be deleted upon task completion.


Just paste the following code into the debug console (not MP tested because I haven't tried to make it 100% MP compatible). Enjoy.

private _position = player getPos [linearConversion [0, 1, random 1, 10, 5], random 360];

h = [_position, WEST] spawn {
	comment "HallyG's (probably buggy) hostage script";
	params [
		["_pos", [], ["", [], objNull]],
		["_side", WEST, [sideUnknown]]

	_pos = _pos call {
		if (_this isEqualType objNull) exitWith {getPosATL _this};
		if (_this isEqualType "") exitWith {getMarkerPos _this};
		if (_this isEqualType locationNull) exitWith {locationPosition _this};
		if (_this isEqualTo []) exitWith {[0,0,0]};

	if (_pos isEqualTo [0,0,0]) exitWith {};

	private _fnc_hostageSpawn = {
		params ["_centre", "_side"];

		private _type = (["b","o","i"] select ([WEST,EAST,INDEPENDENT] find _side)) + "_soldier_unarmed_f";
		private _grp = createGroup CIVILIAN;
		private _unit = _grp createUnit [_type, _centre, [], 1, "NONE"];

		_unit setCaptive true;
		_unit disableAI "MOVE";
		_unit setMimic "dead";
		removeAllWeapons _unit;

		_unit spawn {
			while {(alive _this) && (captive _this)} do {
				_this playMoveNow ("acts_aidlpsitmstpssurwnondnon" + format ["0%1",str (ceil random 5)]);
				sleep 0.1;

			if (alive _this) then {
				_this enableAI "MOVE";
				_this playMoveNow ("acts_aidlpsitmstpssurwnondnon_out");

	private _randomString = {
		private _string = "";
		private _alp = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";

		for "_i" from 1 to _this do {
			_string = _string + (_alp select [floor random count _alp, 1]);
	sleep 1;
	private _unit = [_pos, _side] call _fnc_hostageSpawn;
	private _taskID = 8 call _randomString;

		["Rescue the hostage near to the player! You have to be within 5 meters of the hostage to untie them!", "HOSTAGE RESCUE", ""],
		[_unit, false],
	] call bis_fnc_taskCreate;

	[_unit, _taskID] spawn {
		params ["_unit", "_taskID"];
		waitUntil {!alive _unit};
		if !(([_taskID] call BIS_fnc_taskState) isEqualTo "SUCCEEDED") then {
			[_taskID, "FAILED"] call bis_fnc_taskSetState;
		"Untie Hostage",
		"(alive _target) && (_target distance _this < 5)",
		"(alive _target) && (_target distance _this < 5)",
			["Hostage #1","Hurry the f*ck up!"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_showSubtitle", _caller];
			_unit = (_this select 3) select 0;
			["Hostage #1","Thank you!"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_showSubtitle", _caller];
			_unit setMimic "combat";
			_unit enableAI "MOVE";
			_unit setCaptive false;
			sleep 1;
			[(_this select 3) select 1, "SUCCEEDED"] call bis_fnc_taskSetState;
			sleep 5;
			deleteVehicle _unit;
			["Hostage #1","What are you doing? Don't f*cking leave me here!"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_showSubtitle", _caller];
		[_unit, _taskID],
	] remoteExec ["bis_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0];
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Nice, works well. Anyway you mind making MP compatible.




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