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This is a tactical HUD that is intended to "try" to be realistic to ArmA 3's specifications.

Simply put it is a tactical computer system that displays various information about the environment and wearer. This is completely client side script it does not require mods other than installation, currently I am not going to release it just yet as I am still
1. Working out bugs
2. Improving it's performance

3. Adding features that break it's functionality the current capabilities of the HUD are the following.

  • Compass Bearing in degrees
  • Current elevation
  • Current Task_force_radio long range and short-range channel
  • Current Wind Direction
  • Players current GPS position
  • Current in mission time
  • Compass 16 point heading.
  • Town information (GPS position and current distance to town) (Range limited to 1000M)
  • Nightvision and Dayvision town information modes.

Here is some teaser screenshots of the HUD.


DayTime data:



Nightvision Mode:

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