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Why the crazy LOD / texture popping on these Tanoa buildings?

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I thought BIS has this stuff sorted out by now. Having downloaded the beta content for Arma 3, which includes the new Tanoa map, I was very surprised to see this very annoying LOD and texture popping.


Either this must be an obvious issue for everyone to see, or perhaps this is something related to me using an AMD Radeon 290X card (which I doubt).


Here are two examples:







It seems to me, that there is something funny with how a texture is placed onto the roof of the building here, as if being enlarged, maybe something wrong with the UV's?


It also seems that the LOD's models of these types of buildings, are so crudely made, that there is great difference in the general shape of the building. Presumably, this type of building is already a simple model, so why not try maintain the shape throughout the LOD objects? This other isssue isn't really shown that well in the screenshots above, but can be seen slightly on the building to the front right I think. It was obvious when hovering a heli above this village.

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In addition to what is shown in the screenshots, when walking around I can also see how the LOD models apparently switch between two LOD models, even back and forth as you move only forward, as if the game can't make up its mind about what LOD model to use.


These are my video settings in Arma 3:



   Sampling = 100%

   Texture = Ultra

   Objects = Ultra

   Terrain = Ultra

   Shadow = Ultra

   Particles = High

   Cloud =  Ultra

   P.I.P = High



   Overall = 3800

   Object = 3200

   Shadow = 100



   HDR = Standard

   Dynamic Effects = Ultra

   Water reflections = Very High



   Display mode = Full screen

   Resolution = 2560 x 1440

   Aspect ratio = 16:9 wide

   Vsynch = disabled



   Bloom = 100

   Radial blur = 100 

   Rotation blur = 100

   Depth of field = 100

   Sharpen filter = 100

   AO = HDAO high

   Caustics = enabled



   FSAA = x8

   ATOC = All trees + grass

   PPAA = FXAA Ultra

   Aniso.filtering = Ultra


Additional information: I currently use the AMD Crimson 16.5.3 driver.

i7 2700k @ 4.6GHz, 512GB SSD, 32GB DDR3 RAM

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