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Zeus Addons

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My mods do not work with zues even though i change it to unofficial addons and it worked before the eden editor so i would use the 2d but i now have to use 3d. Any help.

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Same problem here.

After the release of the last update (2D Editor removed) Zeus no longer displays unofficial mod units and objects. (Unlike before Eden)

I assume Zeus support of unofficial mods was removed w/ 2D editor? Please resolve :) Thanks ahead!

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Same for me.

I madré My addon for My team, but only bagpacks are available in Zeus.

I did not anything for that. That pretty strange si.

Any help ?

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You are going have to make your own zeus mission to make it work. 


1. Go into the editor and go to systems. Click "Zeus" and place down a "Game Master" Module


You can do the next part 2 ways. If you want a player to have zeus skip to step 3. If you just want zeus with no in game player (as a Game Logic) go to 2.


2. Under Systems click on the Flag (Logic Entities) then click on Virtual Entities and place down a zeus. Make him playable and the role description is his name then at the top type in "zeus1" into the variable name. Skip to step 4.


3. Place down a soldier and name him "man1". Make sure he is also playable or a player. Role description is his name in the lobby ie. Grenadier


4. Go into the "Game Master" module that you placed and type "zeus1" or "man1" into the owner slot and insert in "zgm1" into the variable name of the module. Name is the actual name of zeus ie. God or Zeus


5. You are then going to want 2 place down all these modules

Set Attributes - Waypoints

Set Attributes - Players

Set Attributes - Objects

Set Attributes - Markers

Set Attributes - Groups

Set Costs (Side)

Set Editing Costs

Manage Resources

Set Costs - Soldiers and Vehicles

Set Costs - Modules

Set Costs - Objects


Manage Addons

Now Sync all of those modules to the "Game Master " module.


6. Fiddle around with all the modules above "AND" to your liking.


7. Place down a object from your mod in the editor.


8. Hover over the object and write down the class name ie. "B_Soldier_F" for a NATO Rifleman


9. Go into Manage Addons and enter the class name into addon classes and insert "zgm1" into the assigned zeus slot.


10. Test it out and see if it works. If it doesn't then place a object from the mod in the middle of the ocean.


11. If it does work save it and go into your mission file.


12. Once there create a text file caled "description.ext" make sure it isn't "descrption.ext.txt"


13. Inside, copy and paste this:


author="Your Name";
onLoadName = "Scenario Name";
OnLoadMission = "Scenario Description";
respawn = 2;
respawnDelay = 15;
respawnVehicleDelay = 30;
respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"};
respawnTemplatesEast[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"};
respawnTemplatesGuer[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"};
respawnOnStart = 1;
disabledAI = 1;
joinUnassigned = 1;
aiKills  = 1;

Replace all the Bold and Italic characters with your own.


14. Save the file and load back into your mission.


15. Place down a respawn position and name it, then change the name to BLUFOR, or OPFOR, or INDEPENDANT.


16. Save it again and play it in a multiplayer to test it out.


That is how I make my own zeus missions with mods. You may have to have multiple "Manage Addons" with different class names.

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