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  1. How would i add mods like Arma 3 Custom Buildings into Terrain Builder for me to use?
  2. I get the error unable to load mapLegend.
  3. jacobc679

    [Source Files] Sosopol

    Where do i put all the files. I know the p drive but some of the folder have stuff i dont know where to put them.
  4. The title says it all. Anyway so i created a terrain and exported it in game to start creating roads/buildings. I noticed that vehicles just turn to their exploded state with any explosion happening. If anyone knows if i checked off something wrong or something like that that would great or a fix. Thanks
  5. When ever i play Cherno the ground is all white and no its not snow. Also no grass.
  6. then where do i post it?
  7. Anybody else having the bug on Cherno where the terrain is white?
  8. jacobc679

    Zeus Addons

    My mods do not work with zues even though i change it to unofficial addons and it worked before the eden editor so i would use the 2d but i now have to use 3d. Any help.
  9. jacobc679

    Zues Problem

    Thanks it worked, i feel so dumb for not doing that first lol
  10. jacobc679

    Zues Problem

    So in the 3d editor with all mods show up but when i load zues they dont show up and they used too before the new update. any help.
  11. When using zues the Slick Huey Does not show
  12. why does my speed go up for a bit and then down for a bit?