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Scenario developer looking to help with the creation of new scenarios and game mechanics for non-profit.

- Extensive knowledge of the SQF scripting language, and best practices
- Extensive experience with Arma mission/scenario creation
- Good knowledge of Arma terrain creation
- Good knowledge of configuration files and addon creation (as well as best practice)
- Extensive knowledge of Arma Graphical Interface design and development
- Competent with graphical imaging software
- Good knowledge of website application programming and development (PHP and ASP.NET)
- Can work as part of team

- Communication to be in good, full English language
- Flexible and reasonable time constraints in order to complete work
- Small to medium sized projects
- End users willing to help debug so as to improve performance and error handling
- Non-profit and end users must adhere to licences (APL, APL-SA as well as own licence)

- Please contact me via Private Message (make sure to include your timezone if you are not GMT)

Kind regards,


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