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Hi folks!
My first Arma 3 mod ever!
I have increased the amount of stamina, so right now you now x6 times more stamina. The recovery speed was also increased, but only by x3 times. It strikes nice balance IMHO.
Now a NATO heavy gunner, who could only sprint for a few dozens of meters, now can sprint for almost half of the Stratis runway length.
I know there are mods that disable the stamina altogether, but I couldn't find a mod that would allow you to run for longer, but still keep the whole system on.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/41c45f948cvmmw3/%40MOAR_STAMINA.zip


It's a simple tweak, so feel free to tweak it to your hearts content. If you want to release your own version, with would use this little mod, just drop a credit for me and feel free to do whatever you want.

class CfgMovesFatigue {
	staminaDuration = 360;	//60
	staminaCooldown = 10;
	staminaRestoration = 90;	//30
	aimPrecisionSpeedCoef = 5;
	terrainDrainSprint = -1;
	terrainDrainRun = -1;
	terrainSpeedCoef = 0.9;
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Hey this great man. could you help me configure it. I would like the stamina restoration to be as long as the stamina duration. I'm working on my first script/mod based on metal gear solid 3 stamina. Food,water and other things like drugs could possibly  effect stamina with pros and cons.


edit: hey never mind thanks for the awesome mod. I unpacked it and played around thanks!! :D

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On 21.07.2017 at 3:58 AM, jimbob6661 said:

Does this also disable the effects hill gradients have on players?


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