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Zeus multiplayer invisibility bug

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hi @ all


Since a pretty long time i got a bug in Arma that drives me mad.

In our community, we play a lot coop missions with a zeus as missionmaster.


In the beginning when i play as zeus, everything works fine. I can place all the units and modules, no problem. But after a while (let it be 2-3 hours after missionstart), my zeus seems to get fcked up. The units that i place are invisible to the players, I cant call firesupport anymore and also the modules arent working.

When this happens, I have to completely close Arma and start it again. After that, everything works fine again.


Yes, we are usig mods, but every other zeus-player in our community have the same mods but not such problems as I.

I did a reinstall of Arma with no positive result. Anyone got an idea what it could be?


Thanks! Greetings,


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