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Using UAV in vehicle gunner's seat causes AI behaviour to take over

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If you are in the gunner's seat of a vehicle, and you connect to a UAV, AI behaviour will take over - ie, while you are piloting the UAV, your character will use the vehicle gun to engage any nearby enemies.

This can really give away your position if you're trying to be sneaky!

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While on the drone map, where you have the two picture in picture screens.

Hold left shit and click somewhere to create a WP for the drone. Now right click that WP and choose behavior never fire or similar.


There are several other options there as well. If its a flying drone for example you can put a WP on an airstrip, right click and select a "land" feature and the drone will land without any help. For the copter drone you can land anywhere.


Hold ctrl instead of shift to make multiple waypoint. If you make the first out of for example 3 WPs a "hold" waypoint. You can setup a "plan" you can simply execute when you want to by right clicking the hold WP later and selecting cancel WP. Where the rest of the plan is then executed like hold was never there.

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