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[BUG] Callsign Attribute (GroupID) attribute isn't set on clients

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The callsign attribute in the eden editor is not synced to clients. It exists on the server but clients do not receive the group ID.


Steps to reproduce:

- Create a mission with a player and set the group callsign to 'test'

- Upload mission to a dedicated server

- Join dedicated server and slot as player

- In the variable watch in the debug console type -> groupID (group player)

- The groupID will not be 'test'


As a note on fixing this, there is a setGroupIDGlobal script command but I believe this doesn't work during init. Similarly to how setVariable (with broadcast set to true) on a group during init doesn't get broadcast to clients.


As a side note this is an example of where having an option to enable global execution of custom attributes would be great.

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can confirm this. only works in sp or lan(host).


as a workaround i am using this:

group1=group this;   //in units (groupleader) init  or in init.sqf with unitvariable instead of this
group1 setGroupId ["YourCallsign"]; //in init.sqf

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