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Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag(zTt)


1.] Hypothesis: Altis is about to gain its independence after many years of brutal battles. In order to make things official a VIP has to sign the appropriate papers. You are to escort this VIP to his speech location so as for him to sign the independence documents. More information is located at the mission briefing. 


2.] Important details:


a)The VIP will reach the speech location by himself. He will arrive at the airport via helicopter and he will be driving a car afterwards. Sometimes his driving might be kinda crazy but thats on the Arma 3 AI driving system.

b)This mission has low replayability so please act accordingly 

c)The mission can be played in sp and in mp but mp should be prefered. Its a mission for up to 6 players. 4 are for the ground team and 2 are for the air team. The helicopter is to be used only if you want the mission to be a lot easier. You should keep that in mind.

d)If the ViP's car is damaged you should have an engineer in order for him to fix it. Once the car is fixed the VIP will return to his vehicle and the mission will continue normally.




3.1]Players' skills: Simple combat abilities and in case you guys use the chopper you will need a good pilot.

3.2]Technical: Arma 3 and CBA


4.]Bugs: None left. And we have tested this mission MANY times 


5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder.


6.] Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcsir2awqdhqz72/Protection_Squad.Altis.pbo?dl=0




Any feedback, propositions or bug reports are welcome 

If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits


Enjoy ...

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