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Trigger text & other questions

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Have some more questions regarding EDEN.


1) How do I make a trigger display a text message in game? It was rather straight forward in the ArmA 2 editor but I can't seem to find it in EDEN.


2) I know how to make a trigger activate when all defined entities / units are killed. !alive unit1 && unit 2, ect. But how do I make a trigger activate if only one of the defined entities / units is killed? I have a group of seven vehicles and as soon as the first one goes down I'd like a trigger to activate.


3) Building upon question #2, how would I make the remaining six vehicles both hold and prematurely deploy infantry as soon as one of them is destroyed? Can I do this via a trigger which forces a hold command? And if so, can another trigger remove this hold command so the vehicles can continue on with their way points?


To better illustrate what I am trying to accomplish, as soon as an APC gets hit by an anti tank launcher I want the convoy to halt. Infantry automatically dismounts if they have not already reached the transport unload waypoint and takes out the anti tank launchers (!alive tow1 && tow2 && tow3). Once that is done I would like a trigger to remove the hold command imposed by the previous trigger. This way the APCs and dismounted infantry can continue on with the mission.




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1.) hint? cuttext, BIS_fnc_dynamicText (just try the example)?

2.) or / ||

3.) doStop, action ["getOut", _x] foreach units group yourObject;


Thanks. So to make the APCs stop (apc1-apc7, seven vehicles in four different groups) I would write:


!alive apc1 || apc2 ; doStop [apc1, _apc2];


And obviously include up to apc7, shortened it to keep it simple here. A ";" should be sufficient to separate the two different parts right? As I understand it, this should kill the engines on all the individual APCs and make them hold without the crew exiting the vehicles.


The second part is still confusing me. On another trigger, once all AT launchers are down, I write:


!alive tow1 && tow2 && tow3


Now the part where they return to following their waypoints is what I don't get.


_playerGrp = group player


As in:


apc1 = whatever the APC's group is called?

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Trigger activation:

!alive veh1 || !alive veh2 || !alive veh3 || etc...

But it would be much more performant to add a killed event handler to the vehicles.

For the first part. I will answer the other one when I am sober again.

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Will try the first part. Still figuring out the 2nd part.


Another quick question. How do I make turrets hold? Made a hold waypoint, placed it on the unit, a trigger which skips the hold waypoint after OPFOR is present. But they seem to shoot regardless of the trigger being activated. Works fine for other vehicles but not turrets. The men manning them spawn already using the turrets if it matters.


Edit: Game is having difficulty making helis skip hold waypoints again. Have a simple trigger after which 3 units are killed the helis are to skip their hold waypoint and move in to attack. Once again they just sit there. Why can't there just be a simple "Group X Dead, Activate Group Y" command like DCS? Would make such simple things much easier, not to mention a hell of a lot less messy.

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