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  1. donelsarjo

    respawn vehicle bugs

    If you hover over the code box with your mouse the is a tool tip explaining the variables passed to the code. _this select 0 is the old vehicle and _this select 1 is the newly spawned.(or the other way around) So try this code: _this select 0 addaction ["Open Virtual Arsenal", { ["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; }]; The thing is I don't know if the code is executed on each client. Just try it.
  2. donelsarjo

    respawn vehicle bugs

    "force respawn" means that the vehicle gets deleted right after the the mission starts and respawns immediately. There is one reason to use it: There is a possibility to add a code run on respawn. This code will only run if the object in fact respawns (yes, that sounds obvious), but at mission start the code is not run if "force respawn" is not selected, because it was only created and did not trigger the module.
  3. donelsarjo

    Positions in an array?

    OK now I get it. Your positions consist of a x- and a y-coordinate and the last entry is the size you want the marker to have. Then: _posArray = [[8675,10225,575],[13875,8400,400],[9425,4050,350]]; _size= (selectRandom _posArray) select 2; /* if you want to use the same position / _pos = selectRandom _posArray; / _size = _pos select 2; */ This fetches the third entry of your randomly selected position array. And now : // code (_markers select 1) setMarkerSize [_size, _size]; Hope I got your question right.
  4. donelsarjo

    Kill Unit in Trigger?

    Driver is a reserved keyword. Use something else.
  5. donelsarjo

    First Script a Lil Help

    getPosATL, sleep 0.5 at the end of the loop?
  6. donelsarjo

    Counting Units Percentage?

    Try WEST<- without quotation marks, sorry if my post was misleading , shouldn't have put it in quotaion marks. I thought you knew the required data type. What _x is would exceed the purpose the the thread I think. Try googling for "magic variables arma"
  7. donelsarjo

    Counting Units Percentage?

    Jupp you are right. I was thinking of TvT.
  8. donelsarjo

    Counting Units Percentage?

    Remaining units of side / all units from one side = percentage of remaining units of one side. Condition: {alive _x && {side _x == "side"}} count playableUnits / ("side" countSide playableUnits) < 0.3 // or 0.2 whatever you wantI think that's the right condition. Probably. Don't know . Try it. I'm drunk lol
  9. Simple solution: there is a slider in the unit's properties in the editor. Use it an try it.
  10. In simple terms, no. The headless client is usually filtered by !hasInterface && !isServer. All the scripts for the HC won't work. You can start a ArmaServer (steam -> tools -> Arma server ) via the -client parameter and let it connect to your locally hosted game. Then you can do stuff from an other computer
  11. donelsarjo

    Apex Tanoa Missions

    They are encrypted atm. So you have to wait for bis to "release" them.
  12. donelsarjo

    postEffect in loop

    Why not use waitUntil ?
  13. _dog = selectRandom ((allUnits - allPlayers) select {getVariable ["dog", false]});Should work, try it.
  14. donelsarjo

    Protest Animation

    null = [] spawn {sleep 1; disableSerialization; call BIS_fnc_animViewer;}; Look for your self.
  15. This is a great idea! I hope to see the sp campaign remade as a MP coop campaign. I would suggest to make a similar respawn (redrawn positions unlocked next to objective if condition fulfilled) and revive (maybe revive only with medic box ) system as present in the apex campaign. Also I would like to see the new slotting screen, looking like an old document with a nice font. The enemy scaling according to the player count would also be great in terms of difficulty. I am really looking forward to see the campaign integrated. I would be glad to help. Puhh the first mission of the soviet campaign already look problematic with the shooting range. Needs some clever task management .