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Don Meehan

The BattleGroup in 2016

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The BattleGroup in 2016


First off, I would like to thank you all for your commitment to our community in the last year and a half that the BattleGroup has been running. Thank you to our amazing members who contribute personal unpaid time, wishing only to see the enjoyment of their fellow members. Thank you to the ExpBG community that has broken all records in 2015, with over 30 active members and our first Joint-Op with another community - this alone is a big achievement.


Moving on in 2016, the BattleGroup will continue pushing to improve and expand our unit. To grow our community, we want to continue with the right members and the right attitudes. Your help is appreciated here, be that with prompt sign-ups, regular attendance, professional behaviour during ops, or just bringing in new blood. If you are no longer keen on remaining within our community, please talk to your 2IC.


What's new in 2016?


New Campaign features:


  • Persistent, non-linear campaign progression with mlitiple factions and story lines
  • Commanders decide how, when and what objectives to tackle
  • Our actions now impact overall civilian attitude, affect high level enemy strategy
  • Introducing story-line characters and HVTs, all with own bios
  • Campaign Documentation, with map and profiles on all factions and HVTs:
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/18-cEi3-KLgBTvcklaQp-t4pPsxWsmJpOAeDuE_TgAVA/edit
  • Database integration, to save vital mission stats, enemy movements, objective progression etc
  • New campaign budget, for purchasing vehicles, weapons, satellite intel, insert options etc
  • Updated catalogue for purchasing assets/services
  • Bounties on HVTs for reward to budget, changes whether captured or killed
  • Intelligent conversations with civilians, change based on situation
  • Mulitple insert options (Boats, Air, Halo and ground vehicles)
  • Introducing a new enemy occupation system, dynamically populating the map with enemies, civs and friendlies
  • Revamped Rally Point System, featuring deployable Medical Facility
  • Commander controlled HALO insert
  • FAC controlled Air Transport/Medevac
  • Expanded personal Locker system
  • HD Campaign map, will update as situation does, http://dev.theexpeditionarybattlegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/Panthera_HD_MAP.jpg
  • Browsable Campaign map, (similar to Google Maps)
  • HD Campaign trailer: https://youtu.be/Qiy-ziu6kuU
Platoon improvements:


  • Our own ExpBG Units mod: preconfigured and Editor-placeable, HQ + 3 Sections, MG, Sniper, pilot support teams
  • Our own ExpBG Factions mod: a massive variation of civilians, enemy groups and friendly factions to fight or work alongside
  • Our own ExpBG Music mod: Introducing more ambient music whilst reducing mission size
  • Revamped uniform patches for each Section, green, black, red, blue and gold
  • New weapons (eg L129), updated loadouts and equipment for the campaign and ITC
  • New roles: Platoon CTM, Emergency First Responder, Pointman, Sapper, Engineer, Marksman
  • Training courses with re-branded documentation, to qualify members in these, plus NCO training
  • Upgraded ITC base to support the above
Infrastructure improvements:


  • A new website, redesigned and rebuilt: http://www.theexpeditionarybattlegroup.com
  • Optimised dev process-flow, github code management
  • Faster ArmaSync repo servers
  • Revamped ArmaSync repo structure to optimise mod releases and induction of new members
  • Updated documentation for ArmaSync setup and repo upgrade
  • Reduction in size of mandatory core modset by over 2GB
  • New mods introduced, fully tested for function and compatibility
And finally...


  • Relaunch of consistent Friday Open Ops, with high attendance
  • Continued running ITC 1, 2 among other training
  • Continued Recruitment - let's get that 3rd Section!
A massive thank you to everyone, especially those I may have missed in any way.


See you soon!

Don Meehan, The Expeditionary Battlegroup

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