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[SP] Al Inteqam (The Revenge) - Random Missions

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Hello ArmaMan360,


I use your mission, your sides missions for my mission, the same as you did. Just, in my mission, this is BLUfor VS OPFfor. Of course, i write a special text file for you and your work. I was looking for, a long time for a mission with random tasks via script and i find your mission.


Thanks you very much ArmaMan360 for your hard work ans for sharing this mission.


From France,



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Started out once, but it's not really working out.


The first missions I had were "Secure the intel from crash site", "Join Patrol", Capture Nato Base" and "Stop the convoy".

Nobody comes in the convoy. I tried it twice. Here on the screenshot the start and end position seems to be the same, but still nobody is there. At another place I have waited 10 real minutes with faster time, but nothing.



In the "Nato Base" there is also no one to see. Once a MG vehicle drove through. When I turned it off, there was 36 more to go. Where's that? A howitzer passed further away and a tank on a hilltop even further away. Since I don't have any anti tank weapons with me, I had requested heli support, but it was shot down by the howitzer on the first approach.



Why is there no possibility to be transported with a vehicle to any place? It annoys if you have to drive over half the map every time.

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