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Making in-game saved files editable with the Editor.

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Hello, I've played take on mars since 2013 , and I am really enjoying driving rovers around taking selfies, using jetpacks, and keeping airlock procedures strictly. I also recently started using the Editor and I've made some really simple missions just for me. And I want to say thank you BI, for making this great and fresh game.

As I use editor and make missions, I came to think that I want to make my own missions connected, making my own mars storyline. So I started to make missions to be connected, but that was too overwhelming to me as I needed to make my bases all over again when I created some interesting new objectives through the Editor. For example, I create first mission that is about settling down on mars, making bases and resource management and producing system. After few hours, I made fully self-sufficient base and now, I want to keep this bases' story going and also want some new things to do, such as retrieving old unmanned mars landers and rovers with MML. Then I need to place down some rovers and landers with the Editor. But, there is no such way, so I need to make completely new mission with my old base gone. This makes missions be felt disconnected, destroying storyline. (And If I try to make all objectives inside one mission? That would be very time consuming, draining my brain's energy, and boring, as I cant play as I make the mission. And most of all, that mission would be very plain mission to mission creator as I cant insert my new fresh idea of new objectives after the mission is done.)

For this reason, I think it would be very nice if we can edit our in-game save files inside the editor. With this ability, I can continue my storyline with my good old base, and make the mission as realistic as possible. This ability will be useful ESPECIALLY when someone play the game with friends(If I have one who has bought the game, I have none yet.). Well, I can still achieve things listed above partially, playing the whole game inside the Editor, but the Editor doesn't support 'multiplayer.' ( Or should I say 'MultiEditor???) Friends can enjoy more 'serious fun' stuffs, as they will also be more into the mission.

So to summurize,

1. I cant continue with my old base and my storyline when I suddenly have new objectives in mind.

2. So I want to edit ingame savefiles with my editor without some serious coding going.

3. This function will, if implemented, make the game mor authentic, as I can make my own story myself.

Wow, I made this post really long. Thank you, for reading this long post.

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I'm with dht! I've spent ages building a base and went into edit it to make things more interesting and keep my base going only to find out if you edit the scenario it doesn't allow you to change saved games, please make this possible as you could create some awesome campaigns/missions doing this

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