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Gunter Severloh

IFA3 - Iron Front in Arma3: Loading Screen & Menu Project

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Loading Screen & Menu Project

Hello Iron front Community!

I have a small project i been working on, its a loading screen and a video for the menu.

I thought to myself you know what IFA3 dont have? Is a loading screen!

Why i have no idea but looking at the Arma3 logo every time I loaded up IFA3, thinking shouldn't this say Iron front? so i decided to replace it!


For the Menu video I took a vid for IFA3 that was a trailer and downloaded it (i have a tool for that ;) and edited it as I had to remove a couple things

and then convert it to a file arma3 can read.


Here is the video I recorded of the menu video:

this starts as soon as you get to the menu, the vid is actually longer then what the game allows so idk what i can do there.



IFA3 Loading screen & menu vid


Extract the zip and put the file into here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@IF\addons



I can do more vids if you guys like, I can do a tank one from one, or an infantry one for IF, or I can setup these vids---> LINK

The current video I think I will reedit but the quality of the vid itself is hi resolution its just that when seen on the Arma3 menu it has poor quality or its fuzzy,

I dont know why its like that or why the whole vid only plays so far but if anyone can help fix these small issues please let me know.


Lastly and also I would like to set this pic up---> PIC to be used as a loading screen too but it needs to have something fixed on it so it dont turn blue,

lol so if anyone can edit pics, and also would love a pic for their loading screen that would work let me know also.

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