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Arma 3 Screenshot Tutorial

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Hi there, all



I've recently taken out a few afternoons to write a short (and by no means fully comprehensive) guide to taking advanced screenshots in Arma 3. For more detailed information on the art of taking screenshots, there's a succinct list of links at the end, including one to Karel Moricky's fantastic overview, which really does the subject justice. Chances are, it might be helpful for some! 


Also, if you're looking to be inspired, check out Padrino's work here - I think it really underscores the benefits of using custom animations to bring your scene to life.


Kydoimos' Screenshot Tutorial


As well, if you spot any mistakes in the PDF document, do let me know. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few.


Good luck with your photography! Can't wait to see some Tanoa snaps!

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