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SetTexture from mission beginning to end (retexture an object)

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Hello again!

Alright so, I was wondering how to do this; 
There's certain items that I want to modify/replace the way they look during an ENTIRE mission - since these objects are spawned through scripts, I can't edit their "init's" to set a texture on them - so I was wondering if there's a script I can run during the entire mission to ALWAYS replace a certain objects texture
I tried looking and I found a little about "setObjectTexture" but I'm not very sure on how it works.
Though, I'm looking for something like;

for example:
BackPack_1 replace with "texture1.paa" 
(This is only for backpacks, uniforms, helmets and vests!)

and each time it spawns, it'll have that texture instead of the default automatically.

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Use setObjectTextureGlobal every time you spawn backpack. Alternative is to make an addon.

so I should do something like this in the init:

classname SetObjectTextureGlobal ["texture1.paa"];

classname_1 SetObjectTextureGlobal ["texture2.paa"];

classname_2 SetObjectTextureGlobal ["texture3.paa"];

Also, would that work? Since this works for objects... how would I get it together?

Since, these items are spawned randomly as "loot" and I can't be modifying them one by one - what script could I make to always replace it; these commands seem fine but I don't know how to put them together.

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