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CO 2-41 German Bundeswehr Infantry Mission

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Hello ARMA community,


today I release my second mission. Have fun!


Short overview:


Title: Mörserjagd


Version: 1.0


Author: tourist


Type: COOP 2-41


Respawn: side


Game Version: created on 1.50 Stable and playtested with my buddy reforger on 1.52 Stable


Language: German





  • Inspired by real events


  • Intense firefights with 33 fighting Germans (and an extra Medical corps of 8) against over 60 Taliban total


  • Nasty IED surprises on various roads plus AP mines around one target area


  • MEDEVAC/Transport; also a dedicated „Field Hospital Mazar-i-Sharif“ with playable Medic units.


  • Detailed briefing


  • Custom music, this time also short tracks during the fighting that hopefully don't hurt immersion


  • Possibility to change loadout at crates after mission start without time pressure


  • Performance friendly due to usage of a small, downscaled FOB for providing a great compromise between performance and eye-candy/immersion


  • Mortar attack on the FOB!


  • Intelligence gathering by making spoken conversation with a local chief (kbTell system, English and Dari audio with english subtitles)


  • Three main objectives and one optional objective deep in Taliban country


  • Attack on a compound


  • Combined Arms operations of ground forces only: so no helicopter CAS but support by Mechanized Infantry (Panzergrenadiere) - support option says Helicopter CAS, but only because there is no BIS module for calling/setting ground support units


  • Modular mission design to allow smaller groups to play the mission: the Mechanized Infantry with their APC can also be called as suppport if you play the mission with just two human players.


  • ACE Systems aplenty: Advanced Medical System, Revive System for players and AI, Advanced Ballistics, Wind Deflection, Pointing, Explosives System, Hearing, Repair System, Map+DAGR, Interaction System, Name Tags


  • Automedic script by Bardosy, updated by davidoss for use with ACE: enables AI Medics from your team to patch up your wounds on their own or do so after getting a simple „Move“ order towards the general direction of the wounded!


  • One loose ending and three different win endings depending on your success in two or three main objectives and if you also did the optional objective



The fictional mission is made to depict Bundeswehr operations in the summer 2010 that took place after the real events of 02.04. 2010 which are referred to by the German Bundeswehr as "Karfreitagsgefecht" or by some also as "Schwarzer Freitag" - it really was a black friday for our army. See the release thread for my mission „Schwarzer Freitag“ revolving around this day for further info.


Following this day, the Bundeswehr took out into Chahar Dara District to re-conquer it from the Taliban, ultimately defeating them in the battles of Operation Halmazag. They had to increase their presence outside of the FOBs, get a better control of the territory and gain the support of the population by daily patrols, counterattacks, mine and IED clearing operations. This mission is a fictional counterattack which follows the greater goal to drive the Taliban out of a „security bubble“ around the FOB and also is a retribution for a mortar attack on the FOB.


Additional notes on mission design:


IMPORTANT: Since the driving part in this mission is generally shorter, I decided you HAVE to get back to the FOB (preferably without too many casualties...) to report in at the Commander's Office. It's the container with the NATO and Germany flags in front of it. Enter, then you will get the debriefing depending on your performance!


This is my second attempt at mission making. Ever. So, like it worked so great with „Schwarzer Freitag“, please don't just insult me if you dislike something, but instead share helpful advice and constructive criticism!


It was a purposeful decision to use the small, but rather detailed FOB South from reforger because this time I wanted to create a feeling of an enemy that is always present, always threatening you and your comrades, always striking out of his cover, then disappearing, while you can only react. And therefor, this enemy MUST be tracked down and driven out of his hiding place! Also you will see some civilians outside of the operations area and, depending on the speed and route with which you enter it, observe the reactions of other civilians to that.


Besides the obvious addon choices like BWMOD and Dingo APC, I decided to go for an ACE version right at the release. This offers a lot of features I came to like when building the ACE version of „Schwarzer Freitag“, especially the Medical System and Advanced Ballistics System. But I made use of the Explosives System and the Repair System as well, so you can roleplay in this area, too – if a vehicle is damaged, the engineer unit from the playable Mechanized Infantry Group „Puma“ can repair them a bit, and fully fix them in the FOB when near the other engineer who is lying under the APC. Anyone can set explosive charges.  You'll need to do that in order to destroy the Taliban's mortar, and the charges with remote detonators are already inside the cargo of your Dingo APCs, along with some general ammunition and Medical Supplies.  You can, however, access the Dingo cargo only from inside the vehicle - model problem of this mod!


The mission is less linear than my previous one because you can do the three objectives and the optional one in any order you see fit and also are not required to take a specific ingress route. And it has a little more replay value due to the random position of one of the main objectives, the mortar. Feel free to futrther change the course of events by using AI mods that make the enemy act more on his own like enabeling the radionet option of ASR AI or using Group Link 5 with it's reinforcement features serverside - I used ASR AI in playtesting and easily achieved some variation of attack locations and directions.



Why is the mission only in German? - Because while I don't know EXACTLY how to localize all text besides that the stringtable.xml file is needed for that, I DO KNOW it will most likely be a very time consuming process. I'd rather get some feedback on the mission itself before doing a localization once and then after re-editing the mission having to do it twice! Plus I hope that there are enough german players here willing to give this mission a try and then post some feedback here. If I hear the mission is playable and bug free, I'll call for help in the Editing Forum here and I'm sure the nice ARMA community members will help me with the technical side of localization for both this mission and my previous one! I guess I'll go for an English translation of my two missions as next editing project to have them both available in least one more language.


Finally I recommend playing with at least two humans. I took the feedback from all those players serious who gave my previous mission „Schwarzer Freitag“ a try and suggested to avoid the bridges on this map due to A3 AI being such abysmal drivers that they will NEVER manage to get a Dingo APC over said bridges on this map. Therefor, no bridges have to be crossed in the mission „Mörserjagd“. But still, if you want all the infantry fighting groups to be available and to be led by a human, you'll need two. Only the MEDEVAC units and third group with the APC can be called in as support.


First I'll credit the creators of the used tutorials because without their work I couldn't even have started A3 mission making, modded game or vanilla:


MacScottie/Jester814 for providing his very motivating and beginner friendly YouTube Tutorials


Psychobastard for his PDF A3 Editing Guide in German


sproyd for his A3 Editing Guide in English


Next to be credited are the friendly forum members or YouTubers (listed alphabetical, not by amount of help) that helped me either with code already posted in the forums, with YouTube Tutorials or with direct communication to solve various specific problems during the creation of this mission, some of them are listed because what they taught me for my first mission was used here again:


AZCoder for his help with triggers and adding custom music


davidoss for making the automedic.sqf by Bardosy work with ACE


Feuerex for explaining to me the differences between cutscenens and Intros in detail and generally for his YouTube tutorials on these subjects. Additional thanks for his tutorial on lipsynched conversation using the BIS kbTell system – this is what I chose for this mission instead of a cutscene due to Feuerex' great explanation on the pros and cons of cutscenes in MP missions.


Larrow for his respawn script allowing support assets to be available after team switch/death and respawn


Papanowel for helping me to edit unit loadout with LEA


R3VO for his help with triggers and adding custom music


Reforger for his FOB South and for playtesting with me


rpgteamx for his YouTube tutorial on markers and how to change their appearance with triggers

Ydrogen for his time skip+fade to black+message script



Here comes the required addon list:


Bundeswehr-Mod: http://bwmod.de/index.php/inhalt/download


commy2's fixes for the Dingo and for the graphical bug some players get with BWMOD and latest 1.52 Stable: commy, you are one mean machine of a mod maker! Always you're so quick with the fixes, BIG Thank You from me and my deepest respect for your massive workload with BWMOD and ACE3!


commy2's Fixes (put these directly into BWMOD addons folder):


https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay83zes4sbq88tf/dingo.rar?dl=0 and




ACE3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28557


ASDG Joint Rails: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23242




CAF Aggressors for Taliban units: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24441


Download CAF Aggressors Audio Fix as well!



Map „Kunduz“: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27882&highlight=KUNDUZ



Aplion's A2 US Helicopters Import: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24845



Dingo APC:





CBA A3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767



Optional AI-Addons:


ASR AI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080&highlight=ASR


Why ASR AI? It's my personal preference and IMHO the best plug-and-play solution for SP and MP alike! If you use it, there's a special config for CAF Aggressors availble at the ASR AI download page – didn't see that this config is available at first and received rather accurate Taliban fire during testing with ASR AI alone.


TPWCAS: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19467&highlight=TPWCAS


Why TPWCAS? Because it allows to have player suppression effects and it's AI line of sight component is still useful to make CQB challenging, but fair! NOTE: TPWCAS produced error reports when playing with 1.52 Stable!



And finally the mission itself:






<a href=http://www.filedropper.com/co2-41prtkunduzmoerserjagdleakunduzpbo><imgsrc=http://www.filedropper.com/download_button.png width=127 height=145 border=0/></a><br /><div style=font-size:9px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;width:127px;font-color:#44a854;> <a href='http://www.filedropper.com'> >share files free</a></div>



Armaholic Mirror:


Mörserjagd Co-41 (@)


I really hope I created a mission that some of you will find playable, enjoyable, recommendable



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I cannot get the file. Can you check it?



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Hi Big,


I re-uploaded the file and updateed the links here in the thread and I also sent you a PM.  Hopefully it works now! 


Best regards,



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Hi ice_age,


big reported that the updated links work for him.  I just checked the first one and it's still up and running.  Just try once more, and if it still doesn't work for you  I'll try a different  file hosting service or send you an email, if you can receive mails with about 20 MB (ya know, custom music and also the whole dialogue with the village Elder... that needs some sound files!). 


Just tell me if you could get the download from the link here or if you need another way to get it,



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why do you still use @ASDG_JR? it is already a part of @CBA_A3. and @ACE3 and @BWa3 are compatible to it by themselves. only  the "bw_comp-ace.pbo" remains to be put into bw's addons Folder.

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