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Weapon holders & Network sync & Locality

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I ran arma 3 twice, went into a MP lobby, spawned a weaponholder at [0,0,0] using createVehicle on host.

On the client I then used SetposASL on it to teleport to the host position while waiting for it to arrive on the client (noPause). There was an 8 second delay for the client while the host saw the holder immediately.


It apparently takes 8 seconds for the weapon to teleport & sync. Not sure if weaponholders are the only thing with this kind of delay.


I've seen something like this before on a bigger scale with more people & more weaponholders (50+ holders, 6 people, 105 sec delay)


In short (TLDR):

If you use setpos(asl/aslw/atl) on a weaponholder-object that is not local to you, there will be at least a 3-8 second delay for the teleportation to be complete/visual. If however the object is local to you, the teleportation will happen instantly, even when setPos is originally executed by another client.


Now can anyone tell me if this is intended engine-behaviour or not. I am extremely tempted to make an issue about it on the feedback tracker as it effectively ruins one of my scripts.




I made a thread about this before, however without the extensive testing & technical terms and it looks like someone already made a report about it and BIS seems to have it on their agenda but it's been 5 months and still no fix. I'm also not sure if the report describes the issue properly, its a network sync/locality issue, not just Dedicated servers.


My previous thread describing this issue, here.



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