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[SP Campaign] Retribution

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Follow the story of Sgt. Ghafurzai and the CSAT forces on their quest for retribution against the NATO forces who have have caused them much grief in the past on altis/bornholm/chernarus/stratis/takistan/zargobad. 
Please Note:
This custom campaign of mine starts shortly after my other campaign: Resurgence. In order for you to understand the current story of this mission you will want to play that campaign.
Download - Steam Workshop
Change-log: Version 1.1

Mission "Closure"

  • Fixed an issue where a target wouldn't couldn't be destroyed and it somehow wasn't reaching a specific trigger

Misison "Seizing Mike-26"

  • Fixed an issue where after the player has seized the airbase, the mission would just hang and not advance any further
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I have some bugs:


-Silent  Sweep:

After Airstrike this point will not checked off


-Strike fast:

Its not easy. I destroyed all Vehicles, but that was not enough. I also kill the Crews to check the "destroy Convoy"(and this with a jet).


-Sweeping Paros:

Mission does not end. The Heli hold on point 216179 near Startpoint and thats it.



I cant kill the FIA Patrol- these are friendly. When i try it, i killed by my own Team.

Whitout these, i go in the camp and plant a bomb. After the Nato Truck(investigate) comes. all the FIAs at once are Enemys( and i between :( )

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